Talent Strategy

Development Training

Human is very important to the company. Sinochem Health attaches considerable importance to the development and training of human resource by setting up learning institutions, calls for joint growth of employees and the company, and strives to turn Sinochem Health into a brand enterprise of the employees, by the employees and for the employees.

System of Training Curriculum

The company provides employees with a variety of training courses to help employees grow and make progress.

In addition to participating in the training projects of " Key Position", " Key Staff" and " Young Talents " organized by Sinochem Group, SBU of Chemicals and Sinochem International, we provide employees with multi-level and personalized internal and external training opportunities like new employee training, work shift cultivation, corporate culture, professional knowledge, job skills, comprehensive qualities and management capabilities, which are based on the position system and employee performance management system.

Sinochem Health pays great attention to the training and development of employees, advocates and promotes continuous learning of employees, ensures that employees improve their professional skills and personal abilities in career development, and achieves the common growth of employees and the enterprise.

System of Training Curriculum

 The company has designed multiple career routes, in order to create favorable conditions for the career development of the employees.